Paleohydraulic analysis


Only if one is considering the flow direction and the time course of flow velocity, as well as quantity, shape and size of the transported material (paleo hydraulic parameters), it is possible to some extent to figure out the temporal duration of the creation of a stratigraphy. Even with conservative assumptions the result approaches sedimentation times, which are only about 0.05% of the normal time frames of so-called “geologic ages” [Berthault etc. 2011, 69]. To those who want to dive deeper into the matter of Paleohydraulics, the textbook Erosion and Stratification by Pierre Y. Julian [Julien, 2010] is recommended.


Berthault, G. / Lalomov, A.V. / Tugarova, M.A. (2011): Reconstruction of paleolithodynamic formation conditions of Cambrian-Ordovician sandstones in the Northwestern Russian platform; in Lithology and Mineral Resources, Vol. 46, No. 1, 60–70

Julien, Pierre Y. (22010): Erosion and Sedimentation; Cambridge

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