Oil and coal


Both coal and oil are today regarded as fossil fuels. It is assumed they have formed from organic material. At least for oil there existed for a long time and still exists today a school of thought which contemplates an abiogenic origin deep within the earth. Also, a cosmic supply of hydrocarbons has been considered early on. It is noticeable that geologists largely favor the biogenic approach while non-geologists (e.g., cosmologists) prefer the abiogenic approach to petroleum origin. This strange situation is of concern to the geologists [Dott/Reynolds, 37].

Before the question about the source or the formation of coal and oil in an Electric Universe can be discussed, it is necessary to look with a little bit more detail into the current and past formation ideas and the dispute about them, which – almost unnoticed by the public – has run especially on the topic of oil for a long time. A ‘Sourcebook’ compilation [Dott/Reynolds] was very helpful in this regard. A first look, however, goes to coal, for which a more or less general consensus still exists.

Formation of coal
Development of petroleum
Petroleum and coal in the electric universe


Dott, Robert H. / Reynolds, Merril J. (1969): Sourcebook for Petroleum Geology; Tulsa

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