Feb 292016

Adjacent to the Electric Universe Conference 2016 – Elegant Simplicity (17 – 19 June in Phoenix, Arizona) there will be an Electric Universe Geology themed tour through the southwest USA. The tour will start on the 20th after the conference and end on the evening of the 25th.

EU Geology Tour 6

Tour contacts: Mark Spann, Julian West and Andreas Otte.

We will be vistiting interesting geological sites on our route. Often those sites challenge the views and theories of standard geology. We will discuss possible solutions on how those formations came to be considering the background of the extended geological tool set an Electric Universe provides.

Current planning

Ca. 1600 miles roundtrip

Day 1 – 6/20/16 – Monday

Travel from Phoenix to Flagstaff

  • Going through Payson and Sedona visiting several interesting sites on the way
  • Visit Meteor Crater site

Lodging: Roadway Inn & Suites, 2285 Butler Avenue Flagstaff

Day 2 – 6/21/16 – Tuesday

Travel from Flagstaff to Big Water

  • Red Rock Cinder Cone (pass by)
  • Grand Canyon – South Rim
  • Horseshoe bend
  • Desert View Drive / scenic views
  • Marble Canyon
  • Vermillion Cliffs

Lodging: High Desert Lodge, 605 Independence, Big Water

Day 3 – 6/22/16 – Wednesday

Travel from Big Water to Cedar City

  • Zion National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Cedar Breaks

Lodging: Stratford Court Cedar City, 18 S Main St, Cedar City

Day 4 – 6/23/16 – Thursday

Travel from Cedar City to Henderson

  • Virgin Mesa
  • Snow Canyon
  • Virgin River Gorge
  • Valley of Fire
  • Frenchman Mountain

Lodging: Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino, 2800 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson

Day 5 – 6/24/16 – Friday

Travel from Henderson to Bullhead City

  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Nelson Goldmine
  • Petroglyphs

Lodging: Days Inn Bullhead City, 1126 AZ-95, Bullhead City

Day 6 – 6/25/16 – Saturday

Travel from Bullhead City to Phoenix

  • Oatman (missing volcano)
  • Basalt at Kingman

Return to Sheraton Mesa Hotel ca. 4:00pm


Two touring vans will be provided, one privately owned 12-passenger, one rental 12-passenger touring van with large rear storage area for luggage.

  • 1MM per-passenger Commercial Supplemental Liability /Medical Insurance – rental van
  • 25K/50k/25k Liability / Medical on owned van
  • Full AAA Roadside Assistance coverage
  • Seatbelts for all passengers both vans
  • Water / Ice cooler on both vans
  • First Aid kit on both vans

Anyone can caravan along with their own private or rental vehicle. A tour route schedule and approximate timetable of destinations will be published and copies handed out to anyone wishing to caravan along but the tour van(s) will not stop if one of them stops, or wait on caravaners. Tour vans will roll out each day from at announced time.


Four handheld Walkie-Talkie radio’s will be available. Tour Van navigator/copilots on both vans will have cell phone & published Phone number. All tour participants are encouraged to swap cell phone numbers prior to rollout from Phoenix.


Each person attending the tour and riding on one of the tour vans is expected to pay their fair share of the operating expenses, which includes the van rental, supplemental insurance, and fuel. That cost will be $110 USD to be paid in cash or check (no way to accept credit /debit cards, sorry) before the tour leaves from Phoenix on Monday morning.

In addition to that, attendees will have to pay for their lodging and entrance fees for the National- and Stateparks / other sites to be visited.

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