Nov 272012

Adjacent to the Electric Universe Conference 2013 there will be an EUG-themed (Electric Universe Geology) tour through the southwest USA.

Tour contact: Michael Steinbacher (305 300 6802) / (

Current planning, subject to change:

2nd of January

  • trip around Valles Caldera (coal dunes)
  • maybe Albuquerque cable car if time and weather permits it

3rd January – 6th January

  • Electric Universe Conference 2013, Albuquerque

7th January

  • Grants, follow 171, 87 to Phoenix
  • Sleep near Payson

8th January

  • Payson to Borrego Springs
  • Sleep near Borrego Springs

9th January

  • Box Canyon, through Joshua Tree, Amboy crater,
  • Sleep near Barstow

10th January

  • Red Rock State Park
  • South side Sequoia, Owens Valley
  • Death Valley
  • Sleep near Beatty

11th January

  • Inside Death Valley
  • Sleep near Beatty

12th January

  • Drive north of Las Vegas to Hurricane
  • Sleep near Hurricane

13th January

  • Hurricane to Flagstaff
  • Red Rock cinder cone
  • Grand Canyon South Side
  • Sleep in Flagstaff

14th January

  • Flagstaff to Cortez
  • Natural Bridges
  • Sleep near Cortez

15th January

  • back to Albuquerque
  • passing by Shiprock
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