Mar 202012

by Michael Steinbacher

Below are links that will help people get up to speed with EU Geology:


My paper from the NPA conference at the University of Maryland.


Andreas Otte’s paper about my work.


Experiments in Stratification.


A link to the dune thread, on The Thunderbolts Forum. The first post is Dec. 25th, 2009. I now think the Black Canyon is slurry runoff.


The basics of duning.


The ingredients of comet dust.


Carbonates in comet dust.


The depth of sediment under the Salton Sea.


The dolomite problems.


Dolomite formations.;0


The Book Cliffs coal report. It appears the Book Cliffs are a slosh that flowed south through the Green River drainage.


Beneath the Book Cliffs, and the area to the North are up to 2 trillion barrels of oil. Apparently there was a slosh of oil. Hydrocarbons are found in the coma of comets. Legend and myth claim oil flowed like water through the rivers.


Worlds in Collision with a document search function.


Earth in Upheaval.


The Electric Universe by Wal Thornhill


The Electric Sky, by Dr Donald Scott.


Electricity Powers the Universe, by James Hogan.




An example of the metamorphic model extremes.


The conductivity of rock when hot and compressed.


The layers of the Grand Canyon.


Sediment thickness map.


The diocotron instability. The river of fire may have been a diocotron instability, as the aurora is.


Geodes seem to be created electrically.  They are even filled with oil under pressure sometimes..


The Bennett pinch would supply the power to create geodes and rocks  in the air when the air was choked with comet dust.


A biography of Dr Velikovsky. The events prior to Worlds in collision. Correspondence between Dr. Velikovsky and Einstein.

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