EU 2013 Photos from Friday, January 4th


Photos by Michael Steinbacher

Michael Clarage: Our Universe – It’s Electric!

Wallace Thornhill: From Cosmic Currents to the Electric Sun

Paul Anderson: Electrical Discharge on Earth’s Surface

Monty Childs: SAFIRE: An Experimental Investigation of the Sun

James Soerensen: Halton Arp in Perspective: Was the Big Bang a Fizzle?

Stephen Crothers: The Non-Existence of the Black Hole and the Failure of General Relativity

Bob Johnson: The Nature of the Sun Revisited

Scott Wall: Predictions of an Electric Universe

Mel Acheson: Mathematical Metaphors

Ralph Biggins: Measuring the Cosmos

Tom Wilson: Believing is not Seeing

Ron Hatch: Relativity in the Light of GPS

Forrest Bishop: Beyond the Tipping Point



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