EU 2013 Photos from Sunday, January 6th


Photos by Michael Steinbacher

Bill Nichols: Personal Strategic Experiences: Electric Universe – Are we Limiting Ourselves?

Frank Anariba: Cometary -electrochemistry: Can Electrochemical Processes Occur in Comets?

Craig Holdrege: Why Context Matters

Mel Acheson: Maps of Nature and the Nature of Maps

Chris Reeve: Concept Mapping: A Creative Approach to Scientific Education

Aloria Weaver and David Heskin: The Meeting of Art and Science

Cameron Mercer: Saving the World

Evan Camp: Exciting Students with Unsettled Science

Greg Volk: An Optimistic Assessment of “Fringe” Science

Mel Acheson: The Rime of the Ancient Water Bridge

 Gerald Pollack: The Ills of Science: Reflections on the Symptoms and the Prescription for Cure

Mae-Wan Ho: Liberating Science and Imagination

Panel: The Emerging Science of Life

Panel: The Electric Universe: Open Questions and Common Misconceptions


Group Shots


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